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Colleagues Working Together


We are two sustainable system-change researcher working on

the social impact of sustainability, both with a love for storytelling.

We have worked and are working for some of the world’s leading organisations on system change, as well as in storytelling and education.

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Anna just finished her MPhil in Environmental Policy at the University of Cambridge. Her master’s thesis is an analysis of the legal and political response to mafia activity and its impact on Italian agriculture and the environment.


Anna recently worked for the World Resources Institute in Mexico, where she consulted on the development of national plastic waste legislation. She currently collaborates as a copywriter for Green Future Project, a reforestation start-up, and has also worked for the Global Logistics Cluster (World Food Programme), SlowFood, and multiple humanitarian NGOs in administrative and operations-based roles.

Anna is Italian-British, and has majorly worked in Italy, as well as Greece, the UK, and other countries. Anna has also spent many years in the film industry, and is highly experienced in creating media content for both the private, and third sector. Anna holds a 1st Class Degree in Development Studies and Anthropology from SOAS University. In her free time she enjoys exploring Rome’s cultural and political ‘circolo’ events, and growing her knowledge of food and wine.


Anna brings her political network and understanding of the Italian landscape to the team, as well as her knowledge of the Italian agricultural supply chain, current challenges, and multiple social solutions. Coupled with her diverse experiences relating to logistics, filmmaking and media creation, she will focus on the administrative organisation of the program, supporting the jury, participating experts and storytellers, and providing a cultural interlocutor for those involved.


Has worked for the past 4 years on various sustainable transition topics across the world at SYSTEMIQ, a world leading system change company. In 2020 he co-authored a report on what is needed for a system change approach to the European Green Deal, with a foreword by the President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen. He also co-authored various grant writing efforts, securing over €2 million in funding.

Complementing his work on sustainability, Milan has designed, built and implemented various training programs and courses. He taught undergraduate students for 2 years at the London School of Economics in pre-industrial economic history, held workshops on circular economy and ocean plastic pollution at the Universities of Oxford and Maastricht, and was designer, lead facilitator, and course coordinator for SYSTEMIQ’s Consulting 101 course.

Milan holds an MSc in Economic History from the London School of Economics and BSc in Economics and Business Economics from the University of Groningen. During his student years he co-founded a foundation to support social enterprises in Groningen with an annual budget of €15.000 and led fundraising of over €600.000 for various projects on sustainability and European youth politics. In his free time he enjoys travelling around Italy and reading, especially on Roman and Italian history.

Milan brings his European Green Deal and system thinking expertise to the team as well as coaching, fundraising and grant-writing experience. He will focus on ensuring the system-changing character of the initiatives, the relevance of the’s work with regard to the European Green Deal, designing the coaching and mentoring programs, and on leading the fundraising efforts.

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