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Our first programme will explore social and sustainable food initiatives in Italy, from cultivation to food waste management.

We are interested in stories that are able to show how local social actions can solve global environmental issues.


Examples of these stories can be found here.


The programme includes a training weekend, mentoring from experienced storytellers, financial support, access to information and sources,
and a pitching day with (inter)national media organisations and will run from
10 June - 3 October.


are we looking for?

The programme:
“Social and sustainable food initiatives in Italy” is open to Italian residents who want to explore a career in sustainable storytelling.

Basic English language skills are required. Submissions are open to individuals and collectives of maximum 3.

Storytelling in any format is eligible.

Applications will be assessed by an independent jury of experts in storytelling, sustainability and social innovation.

They will be assessed against the following criteria:

  • Creative approach to the topic and/or within the chosen media

  • Relevance to local and international audiences

  • A motivation that tells us why you are the right person to tell this story

  • A brief planning that shows how to produce the story with the set time and budget

  • A clearly demonstrated sensitivity to topics of diversity and inclusivity (incl. background, gender, ethnicity etc.), both in the story and in the team.

are we looking for?


do we offer?

  • A training weekend in Rome from 10-12 June covering storytelling essentials such as the production process, editing, and pitch writing  (includes travel, accommodation, and meals)

  • Personal mentoring and guidance from experienced journalists and other storytellers

  • (Inter)national exposure through a pitching day early October with media platforms such as Are We Europe, as well as specialist platforms, such as the Slow Food Youth Network

  • A €250 stipend to produce the story

  • Access to sources of information such as international sustainability experts from Centro Euro-Mediterraneo sui Cambiamenti Climatici

  • Collaboration opportunities with other successful applicants


Apply now for the first Sustainable Storyteller Academy program this summer:
"social and sustainable food initiatives in Italy"

The call for applications will be open until the 15 of May 2022

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