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Looking for some inspiration? 
We created a collection of stories that we found inspiring and powerful. 

Those stories are exactly what we have on our minds, this is exactly what we are aiming for you to create together with the on your side! 

Collection of inspiring stories
presented in text, audio and video 

La pandemia ha duramente colpito i lavoratori e le lavoratrici del mondo dello spettacolo, dell'arte e della cultura ma la tutela dei diritti inizia dall’unione e dalla solidarietà. La storia di Daniel e del suo incontro con l’Arci Scuotivento.

In Europe, more than half of all farmers are set to retire in the coming decade. Many of them have no successor. In fact, only one in 10 farmers is under 40 years old. To find out what’s going on, I spoke with some of the few young people defying the odds.

This is a story about the next generation of people growing our food:
Meet the young, brave, and farming.

AlVelAl work with more than 100 farmers in the Altiplano. Through innovation and hard work, these farmers restore life to the land and build resilient rural communities, while aligning food production with local ecosystems. The group of farmers is diverse. Yet what unites them is the belief that they can transform their landscape, halt desertifiaction and restore the Altiplano.

The Dutch farmers connecting land, consumer and cow

The Dutch Western Peat Meadows form a unique cultural and ecological landscape providing important services like absorbing carbon, preventing floods, and food production.

However, the peat meadows are under ecological pressure, and local residents have lost their connection with the people and landscapes which produce their food. has been building up a farming network since 2016, to create sustainable business models that connect land, cow and consumer while finding a balance between nature and farming.

Sound Matters produced this 6 track E.P. which integrates the sounds of landscape restoration (soil, water and biodiversity) with sounds, voices and musicians that they recorded in the ALVELAL territory (in the High Steppe Plains of southern Spain). The sounds of regeneration start slowly in every track acquiring strength and complexity following the return of life to degraded landscapes. Some tracks invite you to dance to the beat of the regeneration of life while others invite you to listen peacefully, but all of them transmit the essence of ALVELAL and the hope that eco-social restoration in degraded areas is possible.

We are committed to positive ecological futures for the earth and its people, and we believe that farmers of the world will determine this. By giving producers a voice, we hope to rejuvenate the confidence and vibrancy of farmers and rural communities and demonstrate how their decisions affect us all – from our food, to our health, and the planet.

La pandemia ha creato problemi a tutti, anche agli agricoltori, ma molti di loro hanno reagito facendo di necessità virtù. 

Una settimana speciale, nel cuore del parco del Cilento, con gare che consentono ai più giovani di cimentarsi con saperi tradizionali e ancestrali.

La Tunisia è uno dei Paesi del Mediterraneo più esposti alla crisi climatica. Alcune giovani imprenditrici propongono un modello di sviluppo alternativo per l’ambiente e i diritti dei lavoratori.

La biblioteca del grano

Erika e Fabrizi, 
di formaggio


NOW THIS EARTH: Volunteers Are Delivering Fresh Sustainable Food for Free

The woman who planted 

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